Leap of Faith

Suspect your boyfriend still has a thing for his ex? Well here’s a solution, arrange to jump into a river with the other girl and see who he saves. OK sure, risky, but at least you would know. A poor Chinese dude was left in a “Sophie’s Choice” dilemma when his girlfriend and his ex girlfriend bothed jumped from a bridge into a river. The three had agreed to met to resolve the constant fighting and scheming going on by the jilted girlfriend but it all got ugly when the ex suddenly leapt from the bridge into the water below. As she screamed for help the current girlfriend decided to take the plunge too, yelling as she disappeared ‘it is either her or me’ . Dear god, I would have left them both there. Anywho, the guy decided to jump in and rescue…. hmm, I’m not telling you. Guess?


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, Well I Never

4 responses to “Leap of Faith

  1. Darwen is making a play here somewhere.
    What if any of these three had kids
    I’d have pushed him in for dating two people that stupid.

  2. I’m going with Binky’s answer. I can’t top that

  3. crazy chicks better off alone lolol

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