Honey, I Killed The Family

ambulanceOK granny, here’s the thing, don’t be serving up hot chocolate if the cocoa expired in 1990….just saying. The poor Italian woman is now facing charges after her son, two grandkids, a friend and herself ended up in hospital after downing the toxic drink. Thanks a lot grandma. Obviously keeping it for a special occasion.


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2 responses to “Honey, I Killed The Family

  1. My wife’s grandma gave us some food she was trying to get rid of back in 2004. She gave us some malt powder. First thing I noticed that was wrong with it was that it was in a glass jar. Everything is plastic nowadays. Then I looked for a website on the package. Didn’t exist! Then I found the date. It had expired about 15 years ago from 2004!!

    So, instead of drinking the poison (was she trying to tell me something?) I just pitched it.

  2. It wasn’t too far out-of-date… lmao

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