Epic Vomit Apology

vomitA kid who did an epic upchuck outside the bathroom of a bookstore in Oregon has sent the poor cleaners of the mess an apology letter and a Ben and Jerry’s gift card. The epic chuck, which was estimated as having a 12ft diameter, was cleaned up by some pretty peeved and shocked staff members. However, they did get a chuckle when the letter arrived which was addressed to the “Barf Cleaners”.


Filed under Friggin Gross, Sore Loser, Thanks For Nothing, Well I Never

6 responses to “Epic Vomit Apology

  1. one up gets a chuck
    12 feet of smelly slime
    how big was this kid that
    help me make this rhyme

  2. celticqueen1

    Ooh I hated cleaning up my own kid’s upchuck

  3. Well that was sweet of him. Well done

  4. What a considerate young lad.

  5. Too much Ben & Jerry’s may have been what made him sick in the 1st place. 12 foot in diameter!!!That in itself deserves a trip to Ben & Jerry’s

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