We Will, We Will, Mock You

Oh dear, this is what happens when you start celebrating before you cross the finishing line at the Pepsi Team Invitational. Pipped at the post…awks


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5 responses to “We Will, We Will, Mock You

  1. celticqueen1

    Missed this one lololol

  2. This is what you get when you project

  3. Jacquie Happ G

    Hi Loon, I don’t know if this will work but I need your help! – because I think you live in WA:

    Our cultural complex in Busselton, has entered the International Museum Dance Off – about museum staff, volunteers, friends, family, (and people off the street like we had) to make a dance video highlighting their complex.

    So we made our video “ArtGeo Museum Dance Off” https://youtu.be/cw8v_d-umEA and I’m still trying to sort out copyright so you can see it on an iphone or ipad because at the moment its only working on computers.

    Voting is by numbers. It starts on Monday but our round is on Friday. We are the only WA entry and there is only one other from NSW. If we don’t win this time, it is unlikely we will ever get another chance (!!!) there are 28 entries.

    So I’m asking your help to promote the vote for our museum (if you think it is worthwhile of course!)

    From the organiser:

    These are the Voting Guidelines that will be posted for the voting public Anyone can vote, from anywhere in the world. Voting for each match-up will be open for 24 hours. All timing will be synced to the Eastern Time Zone. Visit http://www.whenyouworkatamuseum.com each day, Mon-Fri, at 8am to vote for your favorite museum dance off video. Voting for each match-up will begin at 8am EDT each day, and close at 7:59am EDT the following day. You don’t have to be a Tumblr, Facebook or Twitter user to vote. You’ll just need to visit our website and then vote using the embedded poll. You will need to fill out a captcha to cast your vote but no registration or log-in is required. Encourage people to vote for their video by facebooking, tweeting, tumblring, emailing, etc. You don’t have to wait for your museum’s turn on deck; it’s fine to promote it any time! Use the hashtag #museumdanceoff2 to spread the word. Appreciate it,

    Jacquie Happ Wife – Mother Cultural Attache

    “Flood the World with Positivity”


  4. Jacquie Happ G



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