What Happened to Nanny State?

wrongTwo sisters in Devon, England are forced each night to be locked in their rooms and to use a baby monitor to notify their mother if they need to go to the toilet. Reason? Mummy dearest married a pedophile. The council have allowed the new hubby to live under the same roof if the girls are locked up each night ( because he is still considered a risk) and he sleeps on the wall side of the bed so he has to climb over his wife (theoretically waking her)  if he tries something nasty.  Sleep with one eye open everybody. Funnily the biological daddy has a problem with this.

PSSt Not a good time for my auto corrector to keep changing locked  to licked …just saying.


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7 responses to “What Happened to Nanny State?

  1. You are funny because I was surprised they might be licked into their room… by their paedophile step father?!! Of course… typo!

  2. Licked or locked I’m with the father here. What the hell is wrong with their mother????????????

  3. You go celticqueen1
    lock up the mother and hubby in a cell till the guy gets over it.
    which they never do.

  4. griffin

    The peadophile needs to sleep with a chain locked around his neck and always kept on a short leash.

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