A Ride To Die For

grim reaperHands up death fanatics, have a I got a theme park ride for you. Introducing the Samadhi: 4D Experience of Death, a ride that takes you on a journey from death, to cremation and then rebirth all in under  5 minutes. Your adventure begins at a morgue, where you will be placed in a casket and then sent down a conveyor belt into a simulated furnace where you will be blasted with hot air of temperatures over 40 degrees (105f). Included is a fancy light show which makes you feel like you are burning. The last part of your journey sounds a little bit anticlimactic… a womb is projected on the ceiling and you crawl until you reached a white padded room and then exit into the light.

PSST China


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4 responses to “A Ride To Die For

  1. At least there was light at the end of the tunnel.
    Throw in some forceps and a diaper and I’ll go.

  2. celticqueen1

    I can see everyone lining up for this one

  3. Some people are rather twisted and not in any sort of good way.

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