Blurred Lines

Ever since they pinged JFK,  the US have continued to blur the lines between truth and fiction when it comes to important historical events . But seriously, does anyone care if Osama Bin Laden was a poor invalid when the seals blew him to kingdom come and dumped him from a helicopter on some mountain? We all know Den Hague and the United Nations at the very best would send the US “strongly worded letters” and a few sugar coated threats. So why all the big cover ups? It isn’t going to stop us thinking “Woo, that’s gotta a be a big friggin conspiracy right there”. Can you imagine how cool the US would be if they didn’t tell fibs? Edgar J Hoover would have pipped Bruce Jenner at the post and probably had his own designer frocks label, the Kennedy brothers would still be alive languishing in a jail for conspiring to kill Marilyn Monroe , Obama could have flashed his Kenyan birth certificate with pride and they might still be enthusiastic about getting someone …anyone …. to the moon. Just saying.

Want sauce with that?



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4 responses to “Blurred Lines

  1. I won’t squeal
    I know who was on the grassy noel.

  2. celticqueen1

    Do you really think they conspired to murder Marilyn ???

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