Holy Grief Tax Batman

Only thing for certain...death and taxes

Only thing for certain…death and taxes

A woman who stayed a few minutes after closing time at the Pinnaroo cemetery in Brisbane was handed a $280 fine referred to as a grief tax. The woman, whose hubby had just been buried that day, was apparently mourning at his graveside a little too long. Oooh but lucky she didn’t dawdle on the weekend or public hols because she might have found herself $1,450 out of pocket. Um, did I mention the fine is per Half hour?  The council that runs the cemetery says the fines are to cover staff overtime costs.


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6 responses to “Holy Grief Tax Batman

  1. celticqueen1

    Good grief is nothing sacred any more? Can’t they have a sign saying “close the gate behind you” … I mean it’s not like she’s steal anything now is she?

    Date: Wed, 20 May 2015 02:40:25 +0000 To: aniskowron@hotmail.com

  2. They should be haunted for life.

  3. Australia
    She could just throw him in the sea and go to see him anytime she wanted.

    I’d dig the old wife up and tell them to kiss off. Or in this case hubby

  4. They are hoping for more trade,
    I mean the shock could kill them
    after being told of the fine 😦 lol

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