Oh dear, it seems Germany has a disgruntled government worker with sticky fingers (no pun intended) or someone with a severe lavatory fetish. Toilet seats in their new interior ministry have gone missing. Yep, the thief removed every single toilet seat , tap and loo paper holders in the building. Two months prior all the taps from the new BND intelligence agency’s headquarters were nicked, which started leaks throughout the building and caused millions of dollars worth of damage. Hmm, you would think they ‘d  have security cameras. Hello….man carrying uber toilet seats under his arm…suspicious!!!!!



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4 responses to “ToiletGate

  1. How do you sneak out toilet seats?

  2. Someone is building a house, or maybe an apartment building in the country. That has to be it.

  3. No intelligent criminal would try to steal from the Intelligence agency’s headquarters because they’re all about intelligence & security & would have hidden security cameras everywhere right? And that’s what the intelligent intelligence agency’s intelligent intelligence experts were thinking right? But criminals are dumb & wouldn’t think to expect that right? So much for intellegence…

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