We Aren’t In Kansas Anymore

noThe big question gripping Australia today is should the government allow the wife and 5 children of Australian Islamic State fighter Khaled Sharrouf to return to Oz? Given the fact that the mother went to extraordinary lengths to smuggle the kids out of the country to join her jihadist hubby and then allowed him to let one of her children hold up a severed head , I’m kinda leaning towards ….NO. These children have witnessed unspeakable horrors, thanks to their fanatical parents, and more than likely carry their parents views. As sad as the situation is the parents should be accountable for what they have done. Just because YOU have decided that the lifestyle is no longer to YOUR liking doesn’t give you a free ticket to return. Why should we allow you a comfy platform to spread your hate. You haven’t renounced the atrocities your husband (and probably you) has inflicted, you haven’t renounced your extremist views, you haven’t left your husband , you let your teen marry a IS fighter and god know’s what the others have endured. Sorry, no vacancies.


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3 responses to “We Aren’t In Kansas Anymore

  1. Do not let them come back. THisn women snuck the kids out of Australia. She made her sorry bed now she can lie in it with her murderer of a husband. Do not let any of them come back with their evil kids and hatred for us. I’m all for vigilante justice with this lot of fuckers. If they come here it will only be a few years before that little fucker holding up the human head will be doing it here. I’m horrified and I think it’s time Aussies let them all know that they are not welcome here anymore. If they do they should be charged with the crimes they committed. Their kids resettled as far away as possible and better still make the parents just disappear. I dread to see how this world will be in 20 years because educating people to deal with them won’t work. They are STILL in the 12 th century so no amount of education will ever help them. We must never allow a soft and easy platform here for evil Muslim killers.

  2. Now now celticqueen1 what is a few extra jihadist running around Australia and the USA going to hurt by killing a lot more woman and kids. Everyone needs a pass time. I just think they all have to do a live drill over there first. We can then bring the peaces home and use them in dog food. That way they can make a kid happy with a pet that has a nice shinny coat.

  3. They can come home to face charges

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