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Rest In Peace Tama the Station Master Kitty

Remember, Tama the cat who saved a small  Japanese railway line from closure? If not, read this . Well, sadly Tama passed away this week. It has been estimated that since the feline had been station master at the Kishi stop the railway company had made over a $1 billion thanks to tourism and merchandise sales. Over the 10 years that Tama worked at the stop, people flocked (approx 60,000 a year) to the small out of the way line  to catch a glimpse of this train loving moggie.  As news spread that Tama wasn’t well, even the Railway Company president  went to visit their number one draw card. Over 3,000 people attended the massive funeral over the weekend for the beloved cat that saved a railway and a township …oh and what the heck…humanity!!!!


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Chooka Parker Update

OK Loons, if you step back in time to 2011, I wrote a post about a young musical prodigy named Chooka Parker. He had this amazing ability to make up classical music on the spot and was , at the time, a contestant on Australia’s Got Talent. I must admit I wasn’t too kind . Anywho, that post continues to attract fans (and some angst against me LOL) so I thought I would give an update on Chooka. He has his own YouTube channel where you can listen to his music…. this one is my favourite.



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Good Job CNN

Awks to be CNN. During a gay pride parade the American news network repeatedly focused on a black flag amongst a sea of rainbow colours believing it was an ISIS flag. Turns out is was a black flag with crude drawings of…wait for it…sex toys. Whoopsie.


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Bear Vs Cat

We all know who will be the winner here…


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The Spin Stops Here

Look what happens when Fox News anchors start throwing sharp objects…they nearly kill the drummer.   Pete Hegseth just missed a lawsuit by an axe breath.


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Scaredy Cat

When a French cat decided to have a little kip, he had no idea he was going sky high. Holy crap, get me down!!!


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Woman Vs Pac Man

They should ban all cameras and phones from people having surgery…. what am I saying … hell NO


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Text Lane

Utah Valley University is just moving with the times…. they have included a special lane to help congestion on the stairs, due to slow moving textaholics.

texting lane


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Man vs Poncho

I feel your frustration, I really do….


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Don’t Enter That Son!!!!

If you happen upon a bottle of German Heinz Ketchup in your travels you might want to avoid scanning the QR code. Seems the link to the label design contest now takes you to a porn site. That’s what happens when a company doesn’t bother to renew their website.

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