Baby Set Adrift

Help me!!!!

Help me!!!!

Absent mindlessness  just reached a new level in Turkey, after a family forgot they had left their 10 month old in a floating device in the ocean. As the family relaxed on the beach a strong wind picked up and the baby just drifted away. Eventually beach goers noticed the object in the distance and contacted Turkish Coast Guard who rescued the bub a kilometre out to sea. Awks.


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8 responses to “Baby Set Adrift

  1. Is everyone certain this was an ‘accident’?

  2. BunKaryudo

    Stunned by this story! Good flotation devices are expensive.

  3. griffin

    Shark fishing with a bobber! And I would bet alcohol was involved!

  4. Will that would be one less mouth to feed.
    One might think what is good for baby is good for the rest of the family.

  5. Next time they have to try a different way to lose him.

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