Reboot Damn You

Oh NASA, just when you thought everything was just dandy. Hello, New Horizons probe, can you hear us? The $700 million probe had been scooting across the universe for 9 years and 3 billion miles when …..crickets. It was just days away from doing a flyby of Pluto went it lost all communication. Fortunately NASA was able make contact a few hours later and put the damn thing into “safe mode” .  Which is tech talk for it still isn’t friggin working. So close and yet so  far.  They are currently in WTF mode as they try and fix the glitch and reboot the main computer before NASA be like “Oh crap”. They are sweating bullets to get it functioning before it reaches Pluto or they will have jack for their efforts.

PSST Probably still running Windows 94. Good luck getting an update.


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3 responses to “Reboot Damn You

  1. I’m thinking a guy or woman or something in a space ship turned it off so we would not see their base.

    ISIS might try and get them on their knees if they have any and saying hell Annie to the west (is that right)?

    We could turn them all to JW’s and have them going plant to plant spreading the word. hell-a-sue-ah.

    I love my soap box

  2. All they have to do is reformat and install the good version of Windows. As soon as they release one.

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