Step Away From The Tap And Start Talking In A Squeaky Voice

Oh dear lord, toxic water. Thanks farmers and the goddam drought. Seems all the sucking up of ground water has increased the levels of arsenic in some areas of California. One woman who bathed her 4 year son in tap water said he has developed arsenic related bumps on his head. Oh and for those not worried about being poisoned, Helium-3 is also leaking from the earth in Southern California. Inconvenient truth.


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9 responses to “Step Away From The Tap And Start Talking In A Squeaky Voice

  1. BunKaryudo

    That’s horrible! Still, looking on the bright side, with global warming poised to destroy civilization any minute now, we’ll soon no longer have to worry about problems like this.

  2. Helium-3 (He-3) is a light, non-radioactive isotope of helium with two protons and one neutron. It is rare on Earth, and it is sought for use in nuclear fusion
    Great first they get the Gold now the Helium-3
    Arsenic is some bad stuff it comes from citric acid, fish and other foods but it can kill you if you get to much of it. like salt, sugar or even coco.

  3. Does that mean everyone in California is now lighter? Or do they just speak funny?

  4. I’m going with the funny.
    Did I say speaks?

  5. Wonder if hair growth is a side effect???

  6. I wish some of our politicians would find the tap and suck on it. Just sayin.

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