RIP Conrad

raccoonWhen the council failed to remove a dead raccoon from a Toronto street, there was only one thing to do…build a shrine to the little fellow. A rose and a sympathy card were soon followed by candles, flowers and even a framed photo of a raccoon. Locals named the deceased critter Conrad and tweeted the memorial.

PSST Conrad was eventually taken to his final resting place by an animal services worker near midnight.



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9 responses to “RIP Conrad

  1. BunKaryudo

    Conrad made it onto Facebook pages and Twitter feeds around the world. Good to know his death was not in vain.

  2. Okay let me see.
    First no one has the time to remove him.
    Then people have the time to set up a shrine for him.
    What’s happen to all of us that makes us so lazy
    we want the Government to do everything for us.
    Pick it up and throw it in the trash people.

  3. celticqueen1

    Come on guys where’s yer hearts . All creatures great and small deserve a proper burial.

  4. griffin

    Just like most of us! No one notices us until we are gone.

  5. The whole story of it was pretty funny. Poor Conrad will not be forgotten.

  6. Dang, why couldn’t someone just pick up the dead rodent and do away with him, really.

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