A squirrel walks into a bar….

Imagine the surprise when you discover your bar has been trashed and the culprit staggers from behind a packet of potato chips still drunk as a skunk. Introducing one little inebriated squirrel. Seems the little rodent spent the night in the Honeybourne Railway Club getting into the alcohol. During his drunken stupor he smashed bottles , glasses and turned on the beer tap. The little guy was still pissed when he was eventually thrown out.


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11 responses to “A squirrel walks into a bar….

  1. Now we will just say Pissed as a squirrel

  2. BunKaryudo

    And all he came in for was a packet of nuts…

  3. One drunk rodent
    Running through the bar
    Free nuts in his one paw
    Showing his tattoos and scars

    A Parrot in a brass cage
    Dancing round and around
    With a fiver in his mouth
    Upon the cage he bound

    When the parrot let out a squawk
    The bartender did his thing
    Throwing the squirrel out the door
    Before the coppers they ring

  4. Squirrel abuse! He should sue.

  5. Loon who checked to see if it was a guy or woman.

  6. Dirty little stop-out 🙂 lol
    What’s a squirrel to do Loon…

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