Blame it on the Robots

I still can’t work out if this is the most creepiest hotel in the world or the most friggin awesome. Welcome to the world’s first robot hotel,  where all the staff are robots.


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12 responses to “Blame it on the Robots

  1. Who makes the bed?
    I think I’ll just use the word dumb.

  2. Anonymous

    Ah Loon our hotel staff behave much the same way anyway lol

  3. BunKaryudo

    Interesting. “Henna Hotel” literally means “Strange Hotel” in Japanese, so they obviously have their marketing strategy sorted out. I think it would probably suit me pretty well since by the time I get to my hotel I usually feel like a robot myself. I’m not sure I’d like the room service, though. I never carry enough 1.5 V batteries for the tip and 5V is clearly too much.

  4. BunKaryudo

    I doubt you were any stranger than the locals. There’s plenty of eccentricity to go around in Japan.

    I’ve been thinking about the hotel since last night. Despite the way it’s advertised, I can’t believe there are literally no human staff working there. I mean, people steal towels, robes, bedding and who knows what else from hotels as it is. What would stop them from tossing a robot or two into their suitcase before making for the exit?

    • Ahhh BunKaryudo…the Love Hotels have been operating without staff for decades. Credit card and the room is all yours…well that’s what I’ve been told 😯

      • BunKaryudo

        Really? Well, I never! (I’m a little naive and easily shocked when it comes to such things, but luckily I’m reading with both eyes tightly closed.)

  5. I would rather have 7 of 9 please 😉 xxx

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