Beware of a Hole in One

Someone in Norway is pooping in the holes at the Stavanger golf course. And by someone the groundskeeper thinks it is a man “because the poos are too massive to be from a woman.” Hmm, no shit Sherlock. He also said the pooping had been an ongoing problem since 2005 and the pooper has some favourite holes he likes to deposit in. The club claims the pooper rides his bike to the holes during the week, not weekends. They even installed high powered spotlights to deter him but he climbed the tree and dismantled them. Oh a more brighter note the culprit is also using toilet paper.


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9 responses to “Beware of a Hole in One

  1. got to admire the accuracy of his aim 😆

  2. The lengths some people will go to to have a poo !!!! and no toilet paper, glad I don’t do his washing.

  3. griffin

    Might be an ex-grounds keeper, most holes are moved first thing in the morning by the grounds keepers and they would be the ones to clean up the mess! Has the course fired anyone lately?

  4. Well someone well go to any lengths to win at this stupid game.

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