What The?

For the love of god what the hell is this….. warning this can’t be unseen


Filed under Friggin Scary

8 responses to “What The?

  1. This is obviously some kind of horrifying initiation ceremony, like that thing Richard Harris had to do in “A Man Called Horse” where he was suspended by hooks through his nipples. Obviously the one here is way worse.

  2. and we complain about how they teach sex education here.
    Hell in my days my old man just told me to go watch the cows.
    So I washed all the cows and learned nothing.

  3. Thanks for the nightmares.

  4. I don’t know what to say !!!

  5. celticqueen1

    Can’t UNSEEN it as there’s nothing there now ???

  6. celticqueen1

    Oh yeah finally it loaded. FCUKKKKKKK Friggin gross just like when I gave birth

  7. susispice

    Hahahahah love it

  8. Seen that one before, washed eyes with bleach the first time.

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