Baba Yaga

The moral of this story is never ask Tamara Samsonova to do the dishes or you might end up in pieces. The 68 year old Russian woman confessed to cutting up a 79 year old woman and throwing her head in a pond because of a spat over unwashed cups. When police searched her flat they discovered her diary which relieved more than they were expecting. Seems for the past 20 years the Granny Ripper had been bumping people off , cutting them into pieces and eating them… the lungs being her favourite . The granny has confessed to all the murders and told the court she was expecting to be caught eventually.


Filed under Friggin Scary

3 responses to “Baba Yaga

  1. hey, loon

    I hear there are a bunch of cricket bats advertised for sale on eBay – brand new, rarely been used šŸ˜†

  2. What great big teeth you have Grandma
    All the better to eat you with

  3. Well my goodness, maybe it is a thing you know. Killing and eating people.

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