Things That Go Bump In The Night

Oh for the love of god, burn it. A nasty wooden puppet that supposedly tried to strangle its previous owner to death has been caught on camera moving in its sealed container. A trained psychologist, who has been investigating doll hauntings for 17 years, offered to study the puppet after the owner claimed it tried to kill him. For three months it has been in a sealed container blessed with holy water.  Since she has been looking after the puppet there have been unusually unexplained knocking noises coming from the room it is in.


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, Friggin Dolls, Friggin Scary

7 responses to “Things That Go Bump In The Night

  1. and something throw a stone at me daring the filming of this .
    What good does water do but make things mold.
    Why not a Cross or Bible.
    Yes I believe, just not a bottle of water will save the world.

  2. No wonder he’s angry! Stopped telling lies, turned into a real boy and then immediately finds himself locked up in a stupid box.

  3. Some puppets are just bad.

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