When auto correctors go wild

When a Scottish woman sent a text message to her baker to put a “wee blonde girl” on top of her daughters birthday cake the naughty little auto-corrector changed blonde to blind and



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8 responses to “When auto correctors go wild

  1. I hate predictor text with a passion as well it’s worse than auto correct. It makes up sentences and told farmer I was going fishing WTF??? lol. I didn’t notice it so you can imagine our next conversation trying to explain I’m in bed at 10.30 PM not friggin fishing.

    • Ummmm….so if it wasn’t fishing ….what could it be? Hmm? Something starting with f and ending in ing….oh never mind

    • griffin

      What are doing with a fishing pole in bed Celticqueen??? What bait are you using??

      • celticqueen1

        No I live alone remember. I was even leaving the room to fish or fcuk. He just called before. The Hunter Valley just having a huge hail storm and the whole roof hasbeen dented. I may just have to call him next week. I could hear all the f words in Melbourne.

  2. And she’s a brunette to boot.

  3. Do you really think a blonde will notice?

  4. Well, there is that Scottish thing that Robin Williams pointed out so delightfully. Perhaps that was the problem.

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