Doppelganger Alert

There is a new site on the net ( ) which helps people find their lookalike …. or as they say  identical twin strangers .

PSST : Ooooh look I found mine march-fly


Filed under Friggin Scary

5 responses to “Doppelganger Alert

  1. I hope there’s not another of me for the sake of humanity.

  2. two of you, loon ?

    that’s scary ! 😉

  3. desk49

    Would I be me
    or maybe the other
    his likes are mine
    or not the same
    wold he run off
    with my wife
    let the fun begin
    if not then to hell
    with this game

  4. Putting the dope in doppleganer.

  5. I met mine when I was 25, of course they were my sisters.

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