Barbie Jeep Girl

When a Texas State Uni student lost her license and her daddy confiscated her car and gave her a bicycle she took matters into her own hands and bought a pink Barbie jeep on Craigslist to get around.  Now she is simply a legend.


Filed under Friggin Awesome

6 responses to “Barbie Jeep Girl

  1. desk49

    5 mph how fast can someone walk.
    Camo for a GI Joe Jeep
    50 blocks in 60 min. 1.2 blocks a min.
    I hope class is not to far away.

  2. When the battery runs out, she’ll be helpless.

  3. We are not stupid here in Texas, no not at all

  4. I think being USA says enough.. Friggin most of them are crazy lololol

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