Domestikator Hotel

Can you spot the issue?

sex hotel

Come on loons, look closely. The German hotel looks like a couple having sex right?

or is it a couple?


Anywho, the building is part of the annual Ruhrtriennale Festival in Bochum, Germany and is operating as a hotel for VIP guests.


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6 responses to “Domestikator Hotel

  1. It does too lolol I don’t want to to sleep in THAT part.

  2. It does not look like a couple, unless you consider a couple a man and his sheep.

  3. desk49

    Valentinelogar I was think dog but sheep works for me.unless the girl was a quad-da-pleage (I know bad spelling)
    Being a normal guy I was thinking girl for all them out there that swing the other way, think what you want.
    desk49 is trying to be good.

  4. solosocial

    I saw it right away–God help me!

  5. hello friggin loon its dennis the vizsla dog hay i — aaaiiiieee wot is that bad skware man doing to that poor skware dog?!?!?! my eyes my eyes my poor burning eyes!!! ok bye

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