Well Done

You know nothing comes between a man and his kids ribs. When a fire broke out in Robert Wrights apartment building he grabbed his kids and then raced back to rescue his ribs. Hello, hero right there.


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9 responses to “Well Done

  1. Maybe he started the fire with those ribs lol

    • Odds are Celtic…..3am cooking ribs…hmmm?

      • My neighbour burned his house down cooking chops. Had a few ales with Jan after the cricket and then went home. I woke up in the morning and his whole roof was gone . Jan and I slept through five fire trucks outside and the water plug was on our nature strip, True story. lolol. I swear I hadn’t had a drop but I HAD A TWO YEAR OLD LOLOL.

  2. Some things are simply important.

  3. Anonymous

    He had plenty of time, you cook ribs low and slow!

  4. desk49

    man you know man, like man you have to man get man the fire man kids? yaw man I grap them kids man and the ribs man.

  5. Now if he saved his chocolate. . .

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