Alien Prepper

alienOh bless, a man in Pennsylvania is so scared of an alien attack he has set up spotlights outside his foil wrapped house that stay on 24/7. Sadly, some neighbours aren’t that worried about an alien invasion but have some issues with the shining lights. A judge has stepped in and he was ordered him to take down the lights or face a $500 a day fine. So far he has racked up over $20,000 worth. Don’t get between a man and his fears of a close encounter people. Hmm, strangely, no one seems concerned he’s wrapped his house in foil…just saying.

PSST : Wouldn’t spotlights attract aliens?


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4 responses to “Alien Prepper

  1. He obviously has issues but I did see a ghost that looked like a alien so I’m with him on this one. They have that same unfamiliar look!!! do do do do. I’m glad my twin saw it too or nobody would believe me and my other sister slept right through it’s “visit” . EEEK !!!!!!!! now if I only had had foil around the house lololol.

  2. Well, time to get the little men with the nice jackets that wrap tightly and take the crazy man away for a vaca.

  3. There is nothing abnormal in wrapping your house in tin foil.

  4. desk49

    All people have the right to light
    I say give me light or give me death.
    One light to live.
    May no light be left behind.
    Don’t hide your light in top of a tin roof.
    Woman burn your light and stand free.(or facing me)

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