Chasing Their Tails

When 800 cut cat and dog tails appeared around a Brazilian town, it wasn’t surprising everyone dashed off to check their pets but apparently no animals have been reported missing. The dog and cat tails have been appearing all over the town and has left authorities baffled. The markings, where the tails have been cut, indicate a machine was used to cut off them off. Town folk are worried someone maybe passing off dead cat and dog as food  in the stalls set up during their major festival.


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3 responses to “Chasing Their Tails

  1. desk49

    Fried doggie on a stick
    what joy will that bring
    in their festival of love
    as kids run and sing

    cat on a bun with a
    touch of sauerkraut
    with what’s going on
    you can’t leave that out

    add a sprinkle of dog
    and a dash of ally cat
    knife and fork in hand
    that festival I’ll be at

  2. Poor little fellows. The tail may not be what the locals will cut off the perpetrator if they catch him.

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