Why God, Why?

Oh dear god, the questions people ask of the almighty on a monthly basis ….



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5 responses to “Why God, Why?

  1. desk49

    I’m glad I’m not a woman
    I’m glad I’m not gay
    I’m glad I’m not ugly
    According to me anyway

    I’m glad I’m not too tall
    or short, I’m just in-between
    If anyone calls me fat I’ll,
    set on them and make um scream

    Will what I’m trying to say
    I’m really great all around
    if I can’t find bigger pants say 60’s
    I’ll be passed out on the ground

  2. celticqueen1

    Why does God make me too busy being fabulous? Lol

  3. Well at least they don’t ask, ‘why did you make me mean’.

  4. …like chocolate so much?

  5. Ugly is number one–that’s surprising. Ugly is such a subjective term, it really is in the eye of the beholder, just as beauty is. I have known many people who weren’t attractive (in my subjective opinion) but very few whom I actually considered ugly. But this is ugly in the physical sense. I’ve known countless people who were ugly as hell in the behavioral sense. And I’m getting to know more and more of these truly ugly people every day–it’s as if there’s an epidemic of internal ugliness in Digital-Age America.

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