PSST…. Everyone Still Here?

It’s the 28th loons… day of the Blood Moon Apocalypse….just seeing if you are all still here.


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13 responses to “PSST…. Everyone Still Here?

  1. Still here in Tasmania!!!
    For now…

  2. Although things may change once it’s dark & the moon’s out

  3. Yeah, sadly I didn’t make it.

  4. I’m a survivor! That makes 30 End of the World parties since the Y2K bash in 2000.

  5. We’re still here (Northwest Florida, South Alabama, South Mississippi)–probably because we couldn’t see the Blood Moon–it was too cloudy and stormy!

  6. Saw the moon at the end of the eclipse. Wasn’t the best weather.

  7. Still here, kicking ass taking names.

  8. still here, loon

    [I hid under the bed] 😆

  9. desk49

    OMG the world as I know it is gone.
    it’s gone up in a puff of pure white smoke
    they burned the field out back of hump
    for hours standing down wind I choked

    I know this world was gone as I once knew it
    for they found me on the ground out cold
    Both arm are gone lord save me, I had the
    worse case of mu-cheeses, I was told

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