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You’re a Dick

Oh dear, a teacher is in all sorts of WTF after she drew a penis on a kid’s work because she thought he wasn’t trying hard enough. Awks.

PSST Of course there are calls for her to resign. She could have put more effort in too…just saying.



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Carpool Fail

zombie dollThinking you won’t get caught driving in the carpool lane with a zombie doll buckled in as a passenger, priceless. Umm well not really, that will be a $136 fine mister. At #trickorticket


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Fair dinkum

Fair dinkum

Ever wanted to know why Aussies slur and apparently only use two thirds of their mouth? Me neither but according to an academic its because early settlers spent most of their time pissed as possums. Go figure, a language built on drunks.

Want source with that?


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OK loons, resume the stack hat position, a mysterious object is hurtling to Earth and should kaboom on Friday the 13th. Scientists believe the object named WT1190F (aka “what the 1190 f*ck”) is space junk of some kind but they aren’t too sure what the impact will be. They are saying it will most likely land in the ocean off Sri Lanka but I am assuming that is to alleviate fears it could land on our noggins.


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Well Isn’t It Ironic

A man who attended the Missouri Monopoly tournament was sent directly to jail following a fight. Anyone got dice to bail him out?

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You Are NOT The Father

A guy who failed a paternity test after his child was conceived through a fertility clinic using his sperm is not suing. Reason? Seems the child is not genetically his but his brothers. No loons, there was no hanky panky going on. The so called “brother” was an unborn twin. Yep, the guy absorbed the dead twins genes in the womb. In other words his dead twin is actually the father. Creepy as. The phenomenon is known as human chimera. Still confused? So the man’s sperm was found to be a 10 percent match to the infant, while the genes in his saliva were not a match.


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Titanic Survivor

Grab the cracker Rose

Grab the cracker Rose

Guess what survived the sinking of the Titanic and just sold for $23,000? A cracker… Yep, a little Spillers and Bakers Pilot cracker left in a survival kit on one of the lifeboats. I know what you are all thinking, someone should have gobbled that down. Silly Billies, probably too busy rowing. However, James Fenwick, a passenger on the rescue ship Carpathia saw the cracker and put it in an envelope and marked it “Pilot biscuit from Titanic lifeboat April 1912.” Fast forward 103 years and now that unpretentious little cracker is called the “world’s most valuable biscuit.”

PSST I bet it is stale.


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Back To The Drawing Board

Oh for the love of common sense. Forget steroids to win Kenya’s Nairobi International Marathon, why not just emerge from a crowd about a km from the finishing line and then sprint passed the exhausted competitors. Ta-da $7,000 in your pocket. Everything went according to plan for Njogu, except for the fact he wasn’t sweating and had no signs of fatigue, despite having supposedly just run 42km. Officials raised their eyebrows, had a little chat and then disqualified the friggin cheat…. oh and arrested him.


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Anyone Seen a Leg?

richard-simmonsAttention people of Los Angeles, if you come across a human leg could you please give the organ transportation company a buzz, thanks. Seems the donated leg got stolen from an unmarked tissue transport van while the employess were having a bite at a cafe…wait what? Yep, evidently they were hungry. The leg was in a cooler in the van and authorities believe the thief is gonna get a nasty surprise when he opens it. I’m assuming the donor’s family weren’t impressed.


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Flying Beavers

Look away PETA, look away. Evidently in the 1940s the best way to relocate a beaver was to airlift and parachute them into their new home. That’s right folks…parachuting beavers. Hmm, Mr Beaver is like WTF?

PSST I’m not sure if “mountain meadows” is code for …. to their deaths.

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