Vegemite is What?

OK, Vegemite is a LOT of things but I think you are clutching the cray cray straw if you believe it is racist…disgusting and gross yes, but racists nope. Get off the kool-aid…it is yeast extract and now owned by an American company.


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7 responses to “Vegemite is What?

  1. celticqueen1

    Your fucked women and I’m sure you on something. It will just make more people eat it.

  2. Paul S

    Someone should contact the Rocket Science Institute to let them know they’re a person short.

  3. Some people need help, deep medicated help

  4. Well, I’m hoping this is just a very poor attempt at satire. If not, this is clearly a young woman in need of professional help.

  5. Scott

    What is that stupid American bitch on?

    (I’ve eaten vegemite myself, sent me by Australian pen pals.)

    I was looking for some connection, in her statement, to mistreatment of Native Australians–something about the making of vegemite involving exploitation of Aboriginals. But there was no such connection, none!

    I’d like to think she’s joking–but apparently she’s quite serious.

    What an idiot!

  6. Stupid Cow!!! Like she can talk when she’s so racist against Vegemite. Don’t like Vegemite America? Then give it the hell back!!!

  7. Oh Tony what’s NOT to love about out Vegemite ?

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