Shit happens

Oh my lord, the moral of this story is never ever gobble down hot chilli before a MMA cage fight or the content of your bowels might just explode and dribble down your leg. Poor Travis got caught in a chokehold and then kaboom…. he shat himself so badly it ran down his legs (including beans) onto the canvas. Poor dude then had to do the walk of shame as the crowd gave him a humiliating send off.  Pity the fool who had to clean that up. Sorry the content of the video can’t be unseen.

PSST He’s new name is now the Brown Bomber


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, Friggin Gross, Whoops!

4 responses to “Shit happens

  1. Before this, I thought the grossest thing about wrestling another dude was sweat!

  2. celticqueen1

    You are soooo right Loon. Ewh! It’s gross and yeah I wanna unseen it. Lololo

  3. desk49

    Will you could say he got the shi* beat out of him LOL LOL LOL

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