Human Cruelty

Heavens to Murgatroyd, when a woman accidentally glued her eyes shut after mistaking her eye drops for super glue her doctor refused to attempt to open them because…wait for it…she didn’t have a job, insurance or money. The best he could do was give her ointment and send her on her way. So for days she sat with her eyes glued shut until media got wind of it and another doctor pried them open. First world problems.

PSST Florida


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World

4 responses to “Human Cruelty

  1. desk49

    Thank God she didn’t think it was for yeast
    (I did not say that)

  2. No money no treatment.

  3. Florida–not surprised. This is the new California–it already has the most twisted laws in the nation, so it’s already bizarre–now bizarre people from all over America are flocking here, making it even more bizarre.

    I can proudly say I am NOT a “Florida native”!

  4. Well many of us could have told her human spit loosens super glue.

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