Koko Gets Kittens

Remember Koko the gorilla who can communicate through sign language? Well, she just turned 44 and for her birthday she got to pick a kitten.


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10 responses to “Koko Gets Kittens

  1. Update….Kittens missing. Xray’s shows they were eaten j/k

  2. celticqueen1

    Beautiful x

  3. I bet he wasn’t even offered a Wombie!

  4. solosocial

    I remember Koko–but I didn’t know she was still living.

    There’s a “Paul Harvey’s The Rest of The Story” story about an ape that learned sign language–then began repeating, “I want out.” True story.

    It’s strange to me how so many people are opposed to hunting and fishing–yet scientists are constantly tagging other animals (we are animals too), then releasing them, only to follow them and harass them the rest of their lives.

    • I was surprised too SoloSocial. I’m wondering why they don’t introduce her to another ape rather than kittens?

      • She is 44 and going through mid life! Would you want to be the other ape that gets talked about in sign language? She should have been given a young ape that she could teach to follow in her footsteps!

  5. A great ape going through mid life. Blahahahahaha pity the fool. Probably a good idea to stick to kittens …. Crazy Cat Ape

  6. But you have to wonder how some animals don’t discriminate and bitch about their lot in life. I’m happy to share with a kitten anyway than someone who does my head in all day long.

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