No Refund Wedding Twist

A woman’s worst nightmare… having her groom get cold feet a week before the wedding and bailing. Probably even worse is when the mother of the bride decides to go ahead with the $35,000 wedding (because there is no refund)  and invites local homeless people to the banquet. OK, who am I kidding, great idea, really thoughtful but now every one around the world knows the poor bride got ditched. Anywho, she was too distraught to show so her mom hosted the event at Sacramento’s posh Citizen Hotel. Families and individuals from local shelters arrived to feast on the lavish meal.

PSST Mother and ex bride then flew off the Belize to enjoy the honeymoon. I wonder if the groom’s family had chipped in any of the costs? Come on loons, aren’t you curious?


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4 responses to “No Refund Wedding Twist

  1. desk49

    I hope they stuck Groom for bill.

  2. I hope they sue the f*ck out of the groom

  3. solosocial

    My feelings about this are mixed:

    This seems to be one of those overbearing mothers who live their lives through their daughters–I’ve met a few of these myself. So this isn’t good for the bride.

    On the other hand, this hosting of the homeless was an extraordinarily charitable thing to do–and a way to turn something ugly into something beautiful. So this is probably good for the bride.

    I think the bride will triumph, in the end–she’ll almost certainly get more proposals from impressed, would-be grooms than she knows what to do with.

    And as for the mother’s motive: It’s better to do the right thing for the wrong reason than the wrong thing for the right reason.

    And though I wonder if the groom had a reason to get cold feet (a possibly overbearing mother-in-law in his future)–I do agree that he should take financial responsibility for this, in some way. There’s probably an explanation for his jilting his bride, but there’s certainly no excuse.

  4. If this happened regularly, a lot of people would be fed.

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