Fair dinkum

Fair dinkum

Ever wanted to know why Aussies slur and apparently only use two thirds of their mouth? Me neither but according to an academic its because early settlers spent most of their time pissed as possums. Go figure, a language built on drunks.

Want source with that?


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9 responses to “Cheers

  1. makes sense to me – I have no problem understanding the Aussie accent when I’m drunk

  2. next step for these academics – account for the south african accent?

  3. did academics base their conclusion, in part, by viewing this vid ?

  4. Oh yeah, blame it on the marsupials!

  5. Well makes as much sense as anything else. I love the Aussie drawl. I refuse to call it an accent

  6. solosocial

    I’ve heard the same is true of Americans (non-Native)–that early settlers (British settlers at least) drank enormous amounts of ale, despite their Puritan religious beliefs–because the water was too unsafe to drink.

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