OK loons, resume the stack hat position, a mysterious object is hurtling to Earth and should kaboom on Friday the 13th. Scientists believe the object named WT1190F (aka “what the 1190 f*ck”) is space junk of some kind but they aren’t too sure what the impact will be. They are saying it will most likely land in the ocean off Sri Lanka but I am assuming that is to alleviate fears it could land on our noggins.


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6 responses to “Incoming

  1. Well, this should create all sorts of lunatic predictions. Waiting for the start.

  2. solosocial

    Slightly off topic–but ever heard that saying about digging a hole to China?

    Actually, it depends on where you are, as to where you would arrive if you could dig a hole directly through the earth.

    In my case (just grab a globe–it doesn’t take long to figure this), I would end up in the middle of the Indian Ocean!

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