You’re a Dick

Oh dear, a teacher is in all sorts of WTF after she drew a penis on a kid’s work because she thought he wasn’t trying hard enough. Awks.

PSST Of course there are calls for her to resign. She could have put more effort in too…just saying.



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4 responses to “You’re a Dick

  1. solosocial

    WTF is right!

    Why does not trying hard enough make him a “dick”?

    That makes no sense.

    Reminds me of an Australian (sorry, I’m sure he wasn’t typical) Introduction to Computers professor I had at the University of South Alabama who spoke with me in his office because I was having such a difficult time with the computer lab work (this was in the 1980’s).

    “What do you want to do after you graduate?” he asked.

    I told him I was considering teaching school (I was a communication arts major, with a minor in English, at that time).

    He looked at me quite severely, and said, “Well, I wouldn’t let you teach my children!”

    So basically he was calling me a “dick”, when he was definitely a dick.

  2. What the hell is wrong with people? Really?

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