Ring Decay

A guy in California gave his fiancée an engagement ring beset with his own wisdom tooth instead of a diamond. Hmm, some people may think…cheapstake…but not his woman, nope she reckons “his wisdom tooth means more to me than a diamond.” Can’t wait to see  the wedding ring . Molars?


Filed under Well I Never, You Go Girl!

6 responses to “Ring Decay

  1. Not sure molars would be special enough for a wedding ring. How about gall stones?

  2. And she accepts this? A wisdom tooth for a fool!

  3. I wouldn’t eat their wedding cake.

  4. Well, at least it is likely bigger than her friends rings…meh

  5. The cake was made from ten years of his discarded underpants, I think the guests are still chewing over that one… Never mind, I am sure everyone adores the tight fisted swine 🙂 lmao

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