Social Media Stupidity

My bad?

My bad?

You are so friggin bored that you decide to post “I’m trying to remain positive and centered but, truthfully, I’m dying from boredom.” on your Facebook page. All well and good if you aren’t in court and on jury duty. That’s a $1000 fine and a mistrial right there. Awks. The juror also posted “God help me the other jurors don’t trust the police and want to outright dismiss the confessions as well as the majority of the rest of the evidence. Tomorrow is going to be a very difficult day.” Insert eye roll anywhere you see fit, loons.


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5 responses to “Social Media Stupidity

  1. Probably not the smartest juror anyway.

  2. Well, I am thinking there is a reason this one was selected…hung jury anyone?

  3. solosocial

    I’m surprised they let jurors bring mobile devices into the courtroom–anywhere.

  4. You some people think social media is for giving a running commentary of every single second of their lives. My goodness, what a dipstick.

  5. Guilty as charged… The juror I mean 🙂 lol

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