Toddler 1, Deadly Snake 0

snake6In a twist of irony and pure luck a 1 year old Brazilian snowflake has saved himself by chomping on the head of a venomous snake. The little snake charmer was discovered with blood all over his face and hands with the dead pit viper still clenched in his jaws. While the snake had been killed at its own game, the father had quite a job getting his son to let go of his prey.

PSST There is some debate as to whether the snake was really a pit viper or simply a non-venomous water snake. I’m going with viper because otherwise the story is simply gross and disgusting.


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5 responses to “Toddler 1, Deadly Snake 0

  1. A lot of people are snakes.

  2. Yeah, pit viper is far better.

  3. solosocial

    Babies will eat (or attempt to eat) just about anything. This has happened before in another part of the world (India, I think–a baby bit a cobra to death). As a baby, I once ate an entire bottle of Flintstones Chewables vitamin tablets because they tasted so good–had to have my stomach pumped!

  4. His name’s not Hercules, by any chance? From what I remember from my schooldays, the heroic Greek did something similar when he was a nipper.

  5. hello friggin loon its dennis the vizsla dog hay hannibal lecter had to git his start sumware!!! ok bye

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