dumbassOh bless, a phone thief,  with no friggin clue, took some selfies on her stolen new phone unaware she was also uploading them the the owner’s online storage. Oooo burn. Police now have a pretty good description of the culprit. Pucker up loser.


Filed under Friggin Dumbass

6 responses to “Selfie-destruct

  1. Hey, she can take some great new selfies of herself behind bars.

  2. Can’t they use the GPS to track her?

  3. Some folks are too stupid for words.

  4. Anonymous

    not so sure it took me 2 years to found out I could get on line with my phone. send pic’s

  5. lost that reply again
    This is a test
    hello do you hear me
    good thing I did not take a selfie

  6. Serve her right for taking a selfie. She should’ve got someone else to take the photo for her 😛

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