3D Printed Guns Banned

Thank you John Howard for your forward thinking. Today NSW banned the possession of blueprints for 3D printed guns. This is the first and hopefully not the last to do so. The penalty for violating this law has been set at 14 years in prison.


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3 responses to “3D Printed Guns Banned

  1. Thankfully some in this world have sense, that is good sense.

  2. 14 years for a paper gun? Has the world gone mad? Rape 5 years, Kill someone with a knife, bat, hands or a car. 15 out in 7. But don’t have a 3D drawing of a gun lock them away for 14 years we’ll teach those 10 year olds they can’t mess with the LAW.

    Next the world will be handing out 5 years for saying Bang Bang.

  3. But it will still be impossible to stop people doing this.

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