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dumbassOh bless, a phone thief,  with no friggin clue, took some selfies on her stolen new phone unaware she was also uploading them the the owner’s online storage. Oooo burn. Police now have a pretty good description of the culprit. Pucker up loser.


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Hunters Be Warned

If you go into the Wisconsin woods today you’re in for a big surprise …. like a)  a volatile meth lab that could go kaboom or b) crazy, high, paranoid druggies who could go postal on you .  So says the sheriff who has issued a warning to all hunters.


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A Flat To Die For

richard-simmons2Remember British serial killer Dennis Nilsen? Hmm, me neither…but evidently the former army cook murdered about a dozen students and homeless men from between 1978-1983 before being sprung by a plumber who discovered that the body parts were the reason for a blocked drain. Anywho, his garden flat is up for grabs. The Real Estate agents do kinda mention (if pushed) that he did commit a few murders in it. Any takers?

PSST I hope the kitchen has been renovated…just saying.


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Onya Perth

The home town of the  Friggin Loon. Police are hunting down the culprits behind the motorised picnic tables.


Perth 3




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I’m So Sorry Max


Max 2014


Max 2015

Christmas Max


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Selfie Holiday Video Fail

A word to the wise….never give your dad a GoPro without giving him instructions on how to use or you will be forced to watch  his holiday videos in selfie mode…. too funny.



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Epic Penguin Escape Plan Fail

Oh come on little penguins, the first rule of escaping is not to leave wet footprints…. just saying.


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Aw Snap

A self-driving Google car got pulled over in California for ….wait for it…driving too slow.


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Call of Duty

911A big shout out to the two Manchester police officers who responded to a 999 call. The call was made by an elderly couple who told the dispatcher they were lonely. The two cops didn’t hesitate in driving to the 95 year olds’ house and sitting down to have a cuppa and chat with them. “We’ve got to look after people as well, it’s not just fighting crime, it’s protecting people in whatever situation they find themselves”

Meanwhile in Florida a woman rang 911 asking if it was possible for someone to buy her some chicken wings and ciggies because she was too drunk to drive.


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Paris Under Terrorist Attack

Yellow-RibbonThoughts and prayers to the people of Paris.


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