Anyone Missing a Boeing 747?

Attention people, if anyone has left a Boeing 747 on the tarmac of Kuala Lumpar’s International Airport you have a fortnight to claim. Evidently, there are three (yes, three) untraceable and abandoned commercial planes at the airport, two being passenger planes. WTF? Apart from a uber security breach, why don’t authorities have any record of who flew them in and why they weren’t flown the hell out. Slapping forehead with my palm as I speak. Hmm, you might want to check to see if one of them is the missing Malaysian Airlines plane, just saying.

abandoned planes


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4 responses to “Anyone Missing a Boeing 747?

  1. So where did all the passengers and crews go to?????

  2. I suggest they check manifests, find out more hunt them down find the crew who flew them, this is just crazy. If it was the Malaysian plane where are the passengers???

  3. I’ll take one off their hands!

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