The Loon’s Worst Christmas Gift Guide

It’s the season to be jolly, fa lalalala la la la la…… Stuck for an idea on what to buy your nearest and dearest? You’re welcome…

  1. Purfect prez for your disgruntled cat6
  2. The pig tee can be worn for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas dinner8
  3. Designer flip flops in corn cob or fish14
  4. 15
  5. Great for the littlies…boo7
  6. For the helicopter moms in your life1
  7. Struggling for the ideal gift for your co worker?5
  8. Sure to make Aunty smile4
  9. Oh dear, poor Rudolph15
  10. How sweet11
  11. Who doesn’t need a bacon wallet?10
  12. Presidential Chia9


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4 responses to “The Loon’s Worst Christmas Gift Guide

  1. OMG that earring loads like earwax

  2. Should be ” LOOKS” like. I feel quite sick looking at it.

  3. What, no chocolate gifts?

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