Christmas is Ruined

15358_10151362248031240_1214846754_nWhen your elf falls from the shelf there is only one thing you can do…. dial 911 of course. The 7 year old was playing around in the house with a ball when it hit the elf and he plummeted to the ground.  As little children know, it is forbidden to touch an elf, or the Christmas magic will leave the home so she called the cops for assistance. Unfortunately, the whole incident escalated when the police arrived at the door, despite her pleas not to tell her parents, and found the girl in hysterics believing she wouldn’t get anything for Christmas. Hmm, first world problems.


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5 responses to “Christmas is Ruined

  1. Seriously!! First world problems alright – hey thanks, I LOVE your posts!

  2. This is important stuff that real emergencies are made of

  3. hello friggin loon its dennis the vizsla dog hay i do not blaym this girl wun bit elvs kan be verry vindiktiv and no mor so then there boss sandy paws!!! but happy noo yeer nevertheless!!! ok bye

  4. I’m with Tony save Christmas first then dry the little girls eyes. Then throw the mom and dad in jail for filling the little ones head with all that bill shit.

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