Way to Get Suspended

A Filipino priest got himself in some hell fire by the Catholic Church after he was busted giving a Christmas service on a Hoverboard. Evidently, it was a violation of the ‘highest form of worship.’ The coolest priest ever,  has now been suspended so he can have time to reflect on his ungodly behaviour.


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5 responses to “Way to Get Suspended

  1. I was so excited when my kids started talking about hoverboards but I don’t think it should count if they have wheels. I’m not blaming Catholicism for the confusion.

  2. Well come on now, it isn’t a real hoverboard, it has wheels. The Father gets around.

  3. If he could hover without a board, that would be something!

  4. I think the pope should ride around on one. Of course there is the risk of breaking his hip.

    I thought those things had been recalled by amazon.com.

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