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Loon is on Vacation

LI am tropical islanding at present and the internet is dodgy.  Hopefully I will still post during my leisurely swims to the pool cocktail bar.

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Homeless Man Won’t Budge

Attention people of Hamilton, Ontario, please stop ringing the police and paramedics about the poor guy lying on a bench in the snow. It is the Homeless Jesus statue.




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Mosquitoes Are At It Again

No need to panic but WTF? Zika virus is alive and well, and causing catostrophic birth defects. The mosquito spread virus has been blamed for the 3500 cases of microcephaly in babies born in Brazil this year. That means the babies are born with heads up to three times smaller than average. Now there is a mega warning for all pregnant women to take extra precautions if travelling to Brazil.

PSST Meanwhile over in Africa the Ebola outbreak is back!!!

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The Elixir of Life

Proud of you son

Kim Jong Un, you are a legend. Seems our irratic little North Korean dictator has invented an alcoholic drink that won’t give you a hangover. Introducing Koryo, a miracle 86% proof spirit distilled from rice wine and fermented ginseng root. Despite not a soul ever having heard of it North Korea claims Koryo Liquor ‘has raked high among the world famous liquor and enjoys a good reputation with discerning drinkers.’ Bottoms up.


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Wait until I get my hands on you

Wait until I get my hands on you

Remember the nurse who shared in the 2 billion dollar lottery win in the US? You know, the one with the 7 kids who finished her shift before celebrating. Hmm, well it seems she actually didn’t win the lottery. Her son pranked her.  Awks.


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The Anxiety Just Got A Whole Lot Bigger

It was a simple plan. Camouflage yourself and your sled in winter white and drag your 200lb of illegal Xanax through the snow and across the Canadian border into Vermont. The French Canadian nearly pulled off the smuggle but he made one fatal mistake. He followed the railway line and tripped the sensors. Now he will be spending a few years behind bars and a whopping fine. Hmm, might need a Xanax or two now.


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There Goes The Theory Turkeys Can’t Fly

Evidently in the US all domesticated animals, regardless of species, may qualify as an Emotional Support Animal. So this feathered friend was allowed to fly Delta as a ‘therapy pet’. I heard it gobbled it’s food.

PSST The owner of the turkey had sufficient documentation to prove this turkey can fly.



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RIP Alan Rickman

Yellow-RibbonBritish actor Alan Rickman, well known for his roles in Harry Potter and Love Actually, has passed away from the dreaded C.


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Another Reason Not To Visit Oz

Oh, for the love of …. look what some poor lady found nesting under her fridge. A preggie deadly Eastern Brown snake. Fortunately the nasty reptile laid its 14 offsprings after it was caught. Australia huh!



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That’s Not My Kindle

There isn’t anything more exciting as waiting for a FedEx parcel to arrive, right? So imagine the disappointment wrapped in horror when a British man opened up his parcel to find NOT his brand new Kindle but a …wait for it… a tumor specimen. Heavens to Murgatroyd. Evidently, the tumor was intended for a Bristol hospital.

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